MAY 30 -JUNE 03, 2017
CROCUS EXPO IEC, Moscow, Russia

Exhibitor testimonials


“A sufficient number of exhibitions is dedicated to logistics, however we held the exhibition under the title of Interlogistika for the first time in history, and this name means interindustry, interassociation and any other type of connection of multiple manufacturing and processing industries, warehouse business, transport and customs, i.e. of all persons engaged in cross-border supply chains”.

Leonid Arkadievich Lozbenko
Deputy General Director of CJSC CROCUS; a member of the Board, Head of OPORY ROSSII Committee for Foreign Economic Activities and Customs

“The initiators of this exhibition have actually found the right solution because this supply chain trend is in line with the current trade system”.

Oleg Isaakovich Platonov
President of UKRVneshtrans Association of Transport, Freight Forwarding and Logistical Organizations, a representative of Eurasian Union of Transport, Freight Forwarding and Logistical Organizations (ESTELO)

“ The main interest of the exhibition is that it deals with integrated issues related to logistical processes in the aspects of acceleration and simplification of the procedures for transportation of goods across the territory of our country and across the territories of the global economic community … The participation of both WTO and UNO ЕЭК is a very significant fact, and this is acknowledged by the high level of the exhibition and by the conference held. Therefore, this fact alone enables us to assert that this exhibition was organized and held on a high level”.

Alexander Nikolaevich Khot’ko
Director of IT Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC)

“We have been very happy to visit the first InterLogistika 2013 exhibition. This is a great show indeed. We really like it here!”»

Frank Poettgen
Panalpina Hamburg, business development manager for trade shows and exhibitions worldwide

“InterLogistika exhibition helps to create a forum for exchanging information and for seeking mutually acceptable solutions for design of advanced tools intended to simplify trade procedures, such as “one stop window” solution.

Mario Apostolov
Adviser for Department of Trade and Regional Sustainable Development under UNO Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

“All exhibits that are displayed here are very relevant for businessmen. We shall support and strive to facilitate active involvement of businessmen and regions themselves represented by executives and vice-governors”.

Alexander Vladimirovich Brechalov
President of OPORA ROSSII All-Russia’s Public Organization of Small-sized and Medium-sized Businesses

“I wish this exhibition be held the next year and for many years thereafter. I believe this exhibition has a chance to become the All-Russia's exhibition for sure if not a global one”.

Anar Damirov
MegaStore General Director

“This is the first time when InterLogistika exhibition and the conferences held under its business program protruded far beyond the scope of the Russian economic community and merely narrow industry-specific issues, while a common approach to the logistics industry as a whole and to the global supply chains has been worked out”.

Oleg Nikolaevich Dunaev
Chairman of Logistics Committee under the Russian Chamber of Industry & Commerce

“I am 100% confident that such exhibition, its conferences and the whole forum held under the title of InterLogistika has a big future”.

Ivan Leonidovich Liptuga
Vice-president of the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations (FIATA); Vice-president of CJSC PLASKE

“Meetings with a big number of people were held here on a daily basis. I also visited several activities conducted in the conference hall where interesting issues were discussed in the field of foreign economic activities. Therefore, InterLogistika exhibition was really interesting both in the opinion of our clients and partners”.

Aleksey Chyotkin
Director for development of Elfor Group of companies

“The strength of this exhibition is a good selection of conferences and participants, organizers of those conferences, round tables, seminars, workshops, etc”.

Svetlana Victorovna Domnina
Chairman of the Council of the Guild of Logistics Operators under the Moscow Chamber of Industry & Commerce

“This is an excellent conference because it actually undertakes to display the products of the best companies engaged in design of user technologies and desirous to achieve a balance between the simplification of trade procedures and compliance with them. This is the main reason why WTO maintains its presence here. And in my view InterLogistika is an excellent forum for this purpose”.

Ulrich Meiser
Supervisor of the Program of the Board of Support of Trade and Compliance with WCO laws

“The organizers did their best to ensure the exhibition be held on a high level both for the participants and for the guests of the exhibition. We are completely satisfied”.

Victor Voronin
Head of VITS Sales Department

“The exhibition was organized on a very high professional level. The right job was done”.

Igor Olegovich Nikolaenko
Head of VL logistics Department

“Such exhibition held in a new format on such most important issues is indicative of both political and economic competence of Media Globe and Crocus, i.e. , the desired result, i.e., the so-called synergetic effect has been achieved and the sound organization is coupled with correctly selected themes. This explains the interest of the participants and such a huge interest in Europe and wordlwide. Bravo, Media Globe, Bravo, Crocus!”

Leonid Arkadievich Lozbenko
Deputy General Director of CJSC CROCUS, a member of the Board, Head of OPORY ROSSII Committee for Foreign Economic Activities and Customs.