MAY 30 -JUNE 03, 2017
CROCUS EXPO IEC, Moscow, Russia

Thematic sections

1. Transport. Expediting. Logistics

  • Vehicles
  • Railway, air, sea, river and motor carriers
  • Transport services and logistics services Distribution
  • Supply chain management. Cargo processing centers. Distribution centers
  • Expediting and logistics service. Outsourcing
  • Safety of cargo carriage
  • Loading & unloading equipment
  • Components, parts and accessories

2. Warehouse logistics

  • Warehousing technologies, engineering and equipment
  • Storage and stock transfer systems, automation of warehousing systems.
  • Packing and wrapping materials Facilities and equipment for packing, marking, weighing and identification of packing and containers
  • Warehouse managing systems, stock management
  • Cross docking platforms
  • Consignment storage

3. Transport and logistical infrastructure

  • Ports. Airports. Railways. Roads
  • Cargo terminals, warehouses
  • Design, construction, operation, and development of infrastructural facilities
  • Logistic parks: real estate logistics, logistics hubs, equipment and systems.
  • Special economic zones. Models of public-private partnership

4. IT technologies in logistics

  • Monitoring and satellite navigation systems, Glonass/GPS solutions/Locator systems
  • Information systems/TMS systems
  • WMS systems/TMS systems
  • HIC technologies
  • RFID and RTLS technologies and equipment bar-coding
  • Electronic data exchange (EDE)
  • Terminal networks. Payment terminals
  • Software solutions and software

5. City logistics

  • Express delivery of cargoes and mail, terminal distribution facilities
  • Logistics of urban and public transport
  • Terminals for passenger traffic registration, validators
  • Transport control and accounting systems
  • Access and traffic control equipment and systems
  • Memory cards, smart cards, no contact cards, biometrics and equipment
  • Parking systems

6. Logistics in e-commerce

  • On-line retail, remote trade
  • Client servicing systems, delivery
  • Postamats, parcel terminals

7. Logistics in customs offices and foreign trade

  • Optimization and upgrade of border check-points
  • Throughput capacity monitoring and control
  • Customs logistics terminals and services
  • Customs clearance of cargoes. Electronic documents flow management systems.
  • Electronic customs

8. Standardization Certification Services

  • Consulting. Certification. Pre-certification preparation
  • Management and Quality Systems (ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004, HACCP, OHSAS 18001:2007; ISO 27001:2005; ISO 28000:2007)
  • Legal services
  • Financial services Investment programs.
  • Insurance. Lease. Leasing

9. Education in logistics

  • Business education In-depth training and probation programs
  • Distance education Vocational training
  • Advanced training programs Training programs