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Business Program

InterLogistika 2014 Exhibition Business Program
September 8-1, 2014

September 8, Monday
Conference “Efficiency and Safety of Supply Chains: from Lisbon to Vladivostok”

13:00-17:00 Plenary Meeting

  • Current Customs procedure of customs transit on the territory of the Customs Union and Common Free Market Zone,
  • Basic changes in customs law of The Customs Union in customs transit: analysis of the established practice in applying the law ,
  • Practical aspects of applying customs procedure of customs transit on the territory of the Customs Union and Common Free Market Zone,
  • International practice of European transit system, applying the Convention on General Transit Procedure of 1987 and the Convention on Trade Facilitation of 1987;
  • Outlook for further advance of the transit system of the Customs Union and Common Free Market Zone.

In the framework of the Conference speeches by: representatives of Eurasian Economics commission, Customs and Transport authorities of Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan, leading international and Russian transport and logistic companies as well as representatives of UN Economic commission for Europe, World Customs Organization government authorities of European countries.
Organizer: Crocus Logistic LLC, Media Globe Crocus LLC
With the support of Eurasian Economic Commission

«Logistics 2014: Process Optimization and Risk Reduction» Conference

13:30-17:00 Plenary Session “Russian Logistics Business :Fight Fire with Fire?”

  • Logistic services market: stagnation, drop in shipping operations volume, higher customer’s requirements, stronger competition
  • Leading companies’ strategy: increase market share, focus on the brand, decrease expenses
  • Logistic and customer companies – on the way to partnership and cooperation in the supply chains. Remove obstacles to cooperation. Best practices: cooperation of companies.

Speakers in the framework of the session: representatives of logistic companies – market leaders, government authorities, professional associations, as well as independent experts in the field.

14:00-17:00 Session «Auto Components Logistics»

  • Decrease of logistic expenses is the primary task in the field of auto components.
  • Best practices in logistic support of production localization.
  • Increase local suppliers’ efficiency: examples and company cases.

Speakers in the framework of the session: representatives of cargo carriers companies such as Major Cargo Service, Scania, Volvo trucks Russia, etc as well as other logistic organizations
Organizer: Media Globe Crocus LLC

September 9, Tuesday
Session "Cargo owner – operator – carrier. Efficient cooperation"

11:00-14:30 Plenary meeting

  • Estimating service package in international cargo shipment.
  • Large scale industrial holdings logistics
  • Supply control automation – example of. Forecast NOW! From local optimization to multi-echelon control
  • Shipment tracking automation

Speakers in the framework of the session: company heads of Pictures International, Marsh&Wits, Eximp Logistic LLC, Ingenious Team, Institute of Logistics and Supply Chains Management, SLG,, Hephaestus insurance company, Trans-Siberian Gold Management LLC, Izbenka-Vkusvill, Media Markt
Organizer: Institute of Logistics and Supply Chains Management

Session «Best Practices in Logistics and Supply Chain Management»

15:00-17:00 Plenary meeting

  • Integrated planning in supply chains
  • Standardization of logistic processes
  • Advanced technologies of materials handling; benchmarking assessment
  • Outlook of simulation modelling in practice
  • Information technologies in Logistics: implementation obstacles

Organizer: International Center of Logistics, Higher School of Economics

«Logistics 2014: Process Optimization and Risk Reduction» Conference

11:30-13:30 Short-sleeve casual meeting of the Chief Executives in the Logistics

  • Key issues of logistics development
  • Preliminary results of 2014: forecasts realization and expectations.
  • Partnership and cooperation in supply chain.

Speakers in the framework of the session: senior officials of logistic companies, producers and suppliers of equipment and technology, consulting firms, Directors and Vice-Presidents of Logistics of trade and production companies in a casual atmosphere.

12:00-14:00 Session "Express Shipment Logistics"

  • Growth of demand and relevance of express shipment in the present conditions.
  • Logistic innovations aimed at improving the service quality.
  • Supply for e-commerce is one of the logistic market growth drivers.
  • The trend for creating integrated operational platform for logistics, e-commerce and financial services.

Speakers in the framework of the session: representatives of Express Shipment Association

14:00-17:00 Session «Logistics Automation is a driver of increasing competitiveness of supply chains»

  • Shipment optimization on the cloud-based transportation monitoring systems (TMS).
  • Delivery control: benchmarking of warehouse management systems (WMS).
  • Outlook of terminals, ports and warehouses automation.

14:30-17:00 Session "Best Practices in materials control"

  • Materials control tasks - adjusting to the present conditions.
  • Six quality indicators in materials control.
  • Materials optimization along the supply chain.
  • Forecast models – best practices
  • Optimal materials control – best practices.

Organizer: Media Globe Crocus LLC

September 10, Wednesday
Session "Development of intermodal complex “Yuzhnouralsky” as a part of a new global logistic supply chain from China"

11:00-13:00 Plenary meeting

  • Complex storage systems for automobile industry.
  • Shuttle storage systems improve the efficiency of a warehouse space use.
  • Yuzhnouralsky Company is a key liaison in supply from China.
  • Customized trainings for operational and line staff is a driver of higher labor productivity.

14:00-17:00 Session "Developing and implementation of mezzanine constructions for automobile components warehouses"

Organizer: National Union of Producers and Suppliers of storage equipment

«Logistics 2014: Process Optimization and Risk Reduction» Conference

11:30-13:00 Session "Transport logistic hubs, centers and intermodal complexes are elements of logistic infrastructure and supply chains"

  • Improve operation efficiency of cargo hubs, centers and complexes in airports, sea ports and on railway in the situation of an economic crisis – best practices
  • Examples of advanced technology distribution-sorting centers.
  • Development of multi modal hub Ust Luga – project presentation by the developers.
  • Speakers in the framework of the session: representatives of Severnoye Domodedovo, logistic center Ust Luga

12:00-13:30 Session «Best practices of operating lift-and-carry storage equipment »

  • Lift-and-carry equipment market trends.
  • Selecting lift-and-carry equipment for your warehouse to match its characteristics
  • Determining the equipment capacity.
  • Industry practice of operating lift-and-carry equipment
  • Recommendations on efficient equipment operation.

14:00-16:00 Session «Commercial and storage real estate»

  • Main trends in commercial and storage real estate
  • Rest of the year 2014 forecast, big deals of the current year
  • Expenses optimization and higher profitability of company storage facilities

14:00-16:00 Session «Best Practices of operating shelve stand equipment»

  • Shelve stand equipment market trends
  • Types of shelve stand equipment, new constructions.
  • Best practices of efficient use of the equipment in different industries.

Organizer: Media Globe Crocus LLC

September 11, Thursday

11:00-13:00 Session «Logistic support of internet trading»

Organizer: Guild of Logistic Operator

«Logistics 2014: Process Optimization and Risk Reduction» Conference

11:30-14:00 Session "Efficient and productive management of a company assets"

  • Ways, methods and instruments to improve assets efficiency
  • Leasing as a driver of higher financial results of a company operation
  • Yard-management and its use to improve the efficiency of storage yards operation
  • Assets-use strategy and cooperation with asset-free companies. Best practices in commercial management and operation.

12:00-14:00 Session «Development of budget-friendly and efficient city logistics»

  • Development of transport infrastructure in the framework of Moscow transport hub program.
  • Integrated transport navigation system in Moscow.
  • The impact of the decision to limit large capacity car entry for the city logistics.
  • Best practices of transport infrastructure development in foreign cities and mega cities

Speakers in the framework of the session: representatives of Moscow City Transport Agency, Strategy Partners, City Projects Fund, School of Innovation Project
Organizer: Media Globe Crocus LLC

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